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Headging nd Pruning


MulchingMulching your beds serves a number of purposes. Aesthetically, your yard will look great with a fresh coat of mulch in the beds. For your plants, mulch helps maintain a more consistent soil temperature, aids in the retention of water for plants, suppresses some weeds, and adds nutrients into the beds as the mulch breaks down over the years.

For existing beds, when we have finished installing mulch, you will have a "3" of layer of mulch. Beds with fewer plants will receive this amount, while beds with dense flowers and shrubs will receive a lighter layer of mulch. No mulch will be placed against any tree or shrub trunk.

Depending on the time of year, if there are many perennials and annuals in the beds, there may be some incidental damage to some plants. We take great care to minimize any harm to plants during all of our work and do our best to weigh the importance of getting the mulch installed with the proper care of your landscape.

MulchingWe use triple-shredded hardwood from only premium mulch suppliers, which is naturally dark brown. Installations of other types of landscape materials or different colors of mulch are available. Installations of other types of mulches are also available.

It is customary to mulch at the beginning of the year. Fall mulching service is also available for those who want to give their yard that extra aesthetic for the holidays for those who inquire. Beginning of year mulching takes place starting in February. End of year mulching may take place anytime after August. We schedule our mulching before spring annuals are installed or perennials come up. If you require mulching after these events occur there may be a rate increase reflective of the additional time required to perform this meticulous work.

Nothing sharpens the appearance of a home or business like fresh mulch applied to the landscape. Having the right amount of mulch is critical to the health of your flowers and shrubs.

Beginning of the year mulching starts as early as February and we schedule our mulching before spring annuals are installed or perennials come up due to all the extra time required to perform this work.

Mulch is any material that is spread evenly over a surface of top soil. This is what thick mulch ("3" to "4") will do for your landscape beds and around your trees.

  • It will help retain vital moisture in the soil during drought conditions
  • Mulch helps maintain a more consistent soil temperature throughout the year
  • Mulch also helps keep weeds from germinating and becoming eye sores
  • Mulch adds to the curb appeal of your home
  • Mulch as it organically decomposing aids in supplying nutrients back into the soil
  • Mulch slows or helps prevent water from running off slopes

Bulk Mulch Delivery

We deliver mulch in bulk quantities to your home (usually conveniently placed in your driveway) so you can install it yourself. We offer three distinct types of 100% hardwood bulk mulch - double-shredded in the colors of black and red and triple-shredded in a natural dark brown color.


Each mulched bed is given a defined edge at the grass line before mulching. We use a hand shovel to give each bed a crisp, clean line for highlighting. We recommend edging annually as the quality of the edge will naturally diminish throughout the year.

EdgingA utility marking service may be contacted to mark underground utility lines. Any underground lines should be buried six inches deep or more, however installers often place communication lines too shallow. Utility marking services will not mark lines installed after the house has been built such as electric dog fencing.

We may not edge some areas if we feel that doing so will disturb any underground lines. Please advise us immediately if these lines have been disturbed so that the appropriate utility may be contacted for repair. We take no responsibility for any lines installed less than three inches below ground or not installed to code. In order to avoid sprinkler heads in the bed lines, please mark these items before trenching is to take place. We can provide you with flags if necessary. If the irrigation system is not on, please instruct us not to edge or provide us the locations of sprinkler heads.

Roots large and small may be exposed in some areas after edging. This is normal and should not cause any damage to the plant or tree. Irrigation lines, if installed properly by the original contractor, should be buried at least 6 inches deep. We take no responsibility for irrigation lines hit during edging, nor lines not marked by miss utility or put in after the original construction of the house as we have no way of knowing about these obstacles. It is imperative that Greenedge be contacted immediately regarding any damages that may have occurred as a result of work performed.