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Headging nd Pruning


In Frederick County, there is not an average size lawn. Some are huge; some are front yard only; some are back yard only; some are very tall and not well kept; some haven't been edged in years. Therefore, most of our average sized residential lawns run minimally about $35 per servicing, some as low as $15 for very small lawns while others can be up to $75 per servicing (usually 1+ acre sized lawns).

Basic Lawn Mowing Service includes:

  • Mowing Lawn
  • String Trimming around Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs, Patios, Out Buildings, etc.
  • Blow off All Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs, Patios/Decks, etc.

We will gladly create your own customized lawn care services to meet your unique needs!

  • Core Aeration / Over Seeding
  • Lawn Repair
  • Flower and Bulb Planting
  • Shrub Treatments
  • Shrub Removal
  • Dethatching
  • Brush Cutting and Brush Hogging
  • Total Vegetation Control
  • Yard Debris Hauling

Spring and Fall Yard Clean-Up

Spring clean up is done in March (as weather allows). Fall clean up is done in October / November. Spring and Fall Yard Clean-UpWe use blowers to blow all debris loose like leaves and tree limbs. We remove all debris from around all buildings, under decks, landscape beds, driveways along curbs and sidewalks. We then haul away all debris leaving your home with a nice fresh appearance.

Leaf Clean Up

At Greenedge, we offer full service leaf removal. We use back pack blowers to blow all leaves and debris from beds and around all buildings. We also pick up any down tree limbs. We bring in our zero-turn mowers that are equipped with mulching blades to shred up the leaves before they go into our state-of-art bagging system on our mowers. We them haul them to our trucks to haul away and dispose of them at our site to grow gourds and pumpkins in the following summer.