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Snow Removal Services - Commercial Only

Greenedge only provides Snow Removal Services to Commercial customers. Our primary objective is to provide professional and timely service to ensure your access roads, parking lots, sidewalks, shipping docks and other critical areas are accessible while minimizing the negative impact to your customers. At the same time, preventing costly production and delivery delays, keeping you open for business while helping to alleviate the inherent risks and hazards associated with snow and ice.

Traditionally, most snow removal companiesa€? performance decreases in direct proportion to the amount of snowfall and severity of the weather conditions. Our company's success has been driven by the use of partners which enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected and large scale events. This also allows us to ensure that even during the harshest winter events, all of our customers receive the highest level of service. Furthermore, we utilize a weather forecasting service that proactively notifies us of impending snow and icing events 12 hours before their anticipated initiation giving us more lead time to engage resources.

  • Assurance that snow and ice events do NOT disrupt site operations
  • Convenience of consolidating snow and ice management under a single program
  • Gain visibility, control and budget predictability of snow and ice management
  • Reduce risk exposure and liability associated with snow and ice events
  • Reconcile just one invoice instead of several each month
  • Reduce snow and ice spending by as much as 10%

Custom Pricing Models

Greenedge provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective snow and ice removal services in the Frederick County area. With four pricing options to choose from, you can select the plan that meets your exact requirements and budget:

Snow Removal Services
(Plowing, Ice Management and Chemical "Salt" Applications)
Facilities Served

- Corporate Office Buildings
- Educational Facilities
- Retail Shopping Centers
- Industrial Properties
- Large Parking Areas
- Institutional Facilities
- Hospital/Healthcare Facilities
- Sport Complexes
- Home Owners Associations

Equipment Utilized

- Small and Large Trucks with
- Trucks with Chemical
- Backhoes/Wheel or
  Skid Loaders with Pushers
- Snow Throwers/Blowers
- Shovel Crews

Custom Pricing Models
  • Per Hour Pricing
  • Event Pricing
  • Per Push Pricing
  • Seasonal Pricing

Per Hour Pricing

Prices for all services are based on a flat hourly rate. This ensures the client pays only for what he/she gets. Unfortunately many companies use this type of method without any incentive for efficiency. There is no certainty to the final cost as the amount of equipment, and time required varies greatly from one event to the next. Not all 3" snow events are the same. The type of snow (i.e., wet, dry, light/fluffy) as well as weather temperatures and wind conditions all play a role in what type of equipment is used and how efficient it will be. This type of service plan works well for smaller properties of 1 acre or less.

Event Pricing

Fixed price per-event rate based on the total snow accumulation for a storm event. This plan provides for the highest level of continuous property monitoring at a pre determined price. No guessing at what the cost is going to be. Service will begin at a pre-determined tolerance level set by the client, and shall continue throughout the event until which time the weather conditions halt and the property is clear and safe. This is our most popular plan as it affords the highest level of service and site monitoring, while providing the client with piece of mind as to what the costs will be.

Per Push Pricing

A flat rate for a one time clearing based on a pre-determined start tolerance level. Multiple visits may be required based on the total snowfall for any single event; however, the rate for each visit is pre-determined. This plan works well for those properties that do not require 24 hour continuous service throughout an event. An acceptable risk level is assumed by the client since there are periods of unmonitored snow and or ice accumulations during each visit occurrence.

Seasonal Pricing

Fixed annual rate - regardless of number of events or snowfall levels. Customized service plans are created based on your companies' needs. The frequencies of service as well as snow and ice tolerance levels are outlined. We take care of the rest. One flat rate based on seasonal averages made payable on a monthly basis. Great for those companies wanting to ensure full season service while spreading the cost over several months. Payment plans can be negotiated.